Midpoint Interpretation

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified is a text that will help you understand the basics of Cosmobiology and give you more control over your life. The book begins with a traditional review of astrology including basic planetary principles and a description of the house system.


Key words are listed for quick interpretation of aspects and planetary influences. Cosmobiology is introduced by using midpoints to build on the foundational guidelines used in astrology. Comparison between the 360 versus the 90-degree wheel or cosmogram is shown with a unique and riveting case study of a man known as the ‘Flying Bank Robber.’


This case study is highlighted throughout the book so that the reader will better understand how to set up a cosmobiology chart and accurately interpret midpoints for clients.


More real life case examples detailing common and sometimes tragic life circumstances are shown -- each with an illustrated cosmogram. The latter chapters focus on basic midpoint forecasting, structure and most importantly, interpretation including predictive methods.


The book concludes with the full case discussion of midpoint event correlation in the chart of the infamous Flying Bank Robber.


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Midpoint Interpretation Simplified