May 012011

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Last newsletter we met an ambitious Capricorn striving woman who was searching for love in a similar Capricorn successful businessman. She had been through a string of failed relationships and thought that she had found ‘the one.’

They had a strong Mercury Mars midpoint interchange and this led to a turbulent relationship. High energy and communication led to a high-pitched exchange of ideas but more often than not led to great attacking arguments.

Now let’s look the influence of Saturn. As you know from astrology, Saturn is the planet of discipline. This regularly leads to inhibition, restriction, and limiting that may affect the ego or person’s sense of self. Some Saturn influenced people are very cold and selfish, seeking only people to use for their aspirations.

His Saturn was in Libra and since Saturn also represents stability, this could be balanced with an even temperament and disposition or manifest as a depressed or cynical personality.

Let’s look closer and see what the midpoints reveal.

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llustration Modified from: Midpoint Synastry Simplified, 2nd Edition by Aren Ober, Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved

When comparing the midpoints in his chart to her’s, Saturn hits a number of key planets including Moon, Venus, Saturn and M.C.

His Saturn on her Moon had the potential to discipline or stabilize her emotions or inhibit and oppress them. Similarly, his Saturn on her Venus would bring a certain rigor and restraint to their love life or quash and nullify her love expression.

His Saturn on her Saturn would appear to bring another with the same disciplined make-up and acceptance of responsibility but if ineffective, would cause her to deal with a, difficult, inhibited, oppressive make-up.

Last, his Saturn on her M.C. had the potential to strengthen effectively her career and life goals versus inhibiting or oppressing them.

So what was the result in their love life?

He contracted a terminal illness and offered her a marriage. However, he made it clear that the marriage was strictly a business deal and there was absolutely no love or sentiment involved. He needed someone to see him through to the end and that was it.

Saturn is discipline, duty, and growth and these midpoints offered a very reality oriented though somewhat gloomy relationship.

She was utterly devastated, decided not marry him and continued searching for love.


Material excerpted and modified from Midpoint Synastry Simplified, 2nd edition, by Aren Ober Copyright © 2009 Aren Ober All Rights Reserved