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Steve Jobs: Visionary, artist, genius, dreamer, designer, and many more laudatory descriptions followed in his lengthy obituary. Here was a man who in the space of a little more than a decade transformed the way an entire generation communicates with one another.

He did this by creating gorgeous products, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad among others, that exuded a feeling of elegance and ease. Steve had a sense of what people wanted, the technical know how to create it, and the remarkable talent to transform it into an artform.

Let’s examine his astrological foundations and see if we can get a glimpse into his brilliance.

Steve Jobs Natal Midpoints
Steve Jobs Midpoint Astrology
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We don’t know his time of birth and so the moon, Asc, and MC are not shown, but the date and place are certain – February 24th 1955 in San Francisco.

The first striking midpoint is Mercury to Sun-Uranus. Mercury represents the mind and communication while Sun-Uranus stands for leadership and a progressive person.

This combo reflects a fast versatile thinker who surpasses his peers. A person given to sudden flashes of insight and reasoning — in short, a genius.

A genius looks at the world differently than everyone else, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Innovation is a cornerstone of Apple and Steve helped take that philosophy to a new level when he returned as CEO in the late 1990’s.

Genius has its drawbacks though in the form of eccentric thinking. He loved keeping things simple such as dressing everyday in a black turtleneck shirt. At one time, he suggested all Apple employees wear a standard identical uniform. This idea was quickly criticized and never developed.

A harmful aspect of genius occurred when he first faced a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Instead of seeking traditional care, he tried homeopathic remedies and potions that he found on the internet. This unfortunately allowed his cancer to progress for several months before he gave in and accepted usual care at established medical institutions.

Genius ability alone does not create global innovation. We’ll see what midpoints helped him expand his abilities and influence the lives of millions — in the next blog.

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