Oct 072011

Jupiter and Pluto. Few transits evoke a more meaningful reaction than this combination. The path of one’s life may turn abruptly and forever be changed.

Jupiter, the planet of wild expansion and outrageous abundance ignites the destiny creating Pluto of transformations. The result: a shocking new realization or opportunity for good fortune. This good fortune is not a fleeting event that quickly fades and is forgotten in the day, but a profound alteration that accelerates one’s growth — a release from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Brad Pitt first experienced a Jupiter Pluto in 2004 when he began filming on the set of a comedic thriller called ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ Her name was Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter 2004 in the 90 degree wheel
Brad Pitt Transits
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What started as a Jupiter Pluto transit in early 2004 was coupled with an equally potent Jupiter Uranus transit as the filming finished.
Uranus, the planet of sudden development, furthered the fortunate changes that Jupiter Pluto had begun.

Their synastry would lead Brad to divorce his wife of five years and begin life over with a new family. Six children later Brad and Angelia are united more than ever.

Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter Dates
Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter

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Sep 222011

A happily married man abruptly leaves his wife of five years for a woman he briefly met at work. He is quickly divorced and begins a new relationship. What happened?

Marriage is so fragile these days that you might dismiss this as a passing fling for a man just entering his forties. But six years later, he is now the proud father of six children and warmly fulfilled with his new partner.

While the tabloids may sporadically spread rumors of disenchantment between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the astrological planets tell a much different story. Brad and Angelina share 23 synastry midpoints between their charts while he only had 18 synastry midpoints in common with Jennifer Aniston. Sheer numbers are important, but the nature of their many midpoint connections tells us even more.

Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie: Moon Midpoints
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Angelina said in a recent interview that she sensed a profound emotional bond with Brad after they initially met. She didn’t have to say anything; their astrological midpoints reveal a sincere union.

The moon is the planet of emotions and deep attachments; Brad has an amazing ten Moon midpoints (and Venus since his Moon conjuncts Venus in his Cosmobiology and natal charts) to Angelina’s planets while she has five to his. Interestingly, he shares only five Moon-Venus synastry aspects with Aniston while she has none with him.

Let’s look at some of his vital Moon-Venus midpoints and read the interpretations below. You can see that Brad’s Moon-Venus combo brings much love, harmony, and balance to Angelina’s life. No one knows how long this union will last but these aspects offer a lasting opportunity.

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Moon-Venus —— Venus/Saturn
Moon-Venus —— Jupiter/Saturn
Moon-Venus —— Jupiter/Uranus
Moon-Venus —— Saturn/Uranus

Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie: Synastry Aspects
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Readings from Midpoint Synastry Simplified:
Another’s MOON on your VENUS
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Venus harmonizes and balances your love nature or creative nature
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Venus emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your love nature or creative nature
Another’s MOON on your JUPITER
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Jupiter harmonizes or gives balance to your expansion and to your opportunities Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Jupiter emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your expansion and your opportunities
Another’s VENUS on your JUPITER
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Jupiter brings love, creativity, and refinement to your expansion
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Jupiter dissipates or wastes your expansion and your opportunities
Another’s MOON on your SATURN
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Saturn harmonizes or gives balance to your discipline
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Saturn emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your discipline
Another’s VENUS on your SATURN
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Saturn brings love, creativity, and refinement to your discipline
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Saturn dissipates or wastes your discipline
Another’s MOON on your URANUS
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Uranus harmonizes your development
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Uranus emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your development
Another’s VENUS on your URANUS
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Uranus brings love, creativity, and refinement to your development
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Uranus dissipates or wastes your development

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Aug 282011

Tragedy struck Prince William with his mother’s death and tragedy left him with the passing years and the discovery of love. Little did he realize that his future wife was born a Capricorn, six months his senior on Jan 9 1982 at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

Perhaps it was her fashionable black dress that found his gaze, but what did the planets between Catherine Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William conspire to create? Let’s look at the royal romance from their midpoint astrology synastry aspects.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton – Synastry
Prince William Kate Middleton Midpoint Astrology Synastry
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While the exact time of Kate’s birth is not known, we’ll focus on the slower moving, more potent planets. For this reason, her moon and Ascendant are not shown.

The most striking synastry midpoint is Kate’s Mercury-Jupiter-Venus that midpoints Will’s Mars-Uranus and his Venus-Saturn. This is a complicated set of midpoints so let’s take this one by one.

Her Mercury on his Mars-Uranus will bring logic to his (Mars) energy and sharpen his (Uranus) uniqueness. Next Jupiter midpoints the same two planets and expands his energy by creating teamwork or deepening a philosophy that is well suited to the expectations of royalty. The ineffective use of this midpoint is arrogance and intolerance. Last, Venus on his Mars-Uranus brings love, creativity and refinement to his energy and development.

The same combo to his Venus-Saturn a midpoint representing enduring love and disciplined creativity has a different result. Mercury brings a thinking approach to love and creativity while Jupiter bestows patience, duty, and philosophy to the union.

This is a very pleasant mix of aspects that should create a harmonious but lively marriage. A deeper philosophic connection with Jupiter is also a key that supports this foundation. We’ll know in time.

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Apr 132011

This blog begins with a love synastry case directly from Aren Ober’s confidential cosmobiology files and is further explored in her book, Midpoint Synastry Simplified.

How do you find love? That’s the question, this forty-something year old asked during her cosmobiology consultation. She was desperate for guidance and had been through multiple lovers. Yet, she still was seeking that special fulfillment and feeling of belonging.

As you’ll see in her synastry analysis, a better question would be: how could she expect anything but diminishing returns from these relationships?


Midpoint Astrology and Cosmobiology
Synastry Midpoints
Illustration Modified from: Midpoint Synastry Simplified, 2nd Edition by Aren Ober, Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved

Let’s first examine her chart using basic astrological principles and then compare with cosmobiology and synastry.
Her natal chart shows both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn. As we know from astrology, the sun represents self-expression or the spirit and vitality of the person while the moon relates to her emotional well-being and personality.

Capricorn is the sign of ambition and endurance. With these two planets positioned in this sign, combined with her many planets in fixed signs, it’s easy to see why she was focused on achieving goals and striving for advancement.

Let’s look further with a comparison to her lover: She had great respect for this man. He was successful in his career and well-positioned on the corporate ladder. He commanded a large salary and his firm routinely flew him about the country so that he could meet and negotiate with other large firms.

They had a turbulent relationship with great arguments attacking one another. Sometimes these were fun, mostly not. Consider the two midpoints they shared: Mars to Mercury and Mercury to Mars. Yes, these were reciprocal midpoints between their charts.

Mercury represents the mind and communication while Mars means force, ambition, and sexual energy.

Since these cosmobiology midpoints were in both charts, the interpretation is that each partner will challenge one another’s thinking often quite vigorously and forcefully. This is exactly what happened; they would have intense conversations ranging from everyday ordinary topics to more complicated personal issues.

Had this midpoint occurred in only one of their charts, then Mars naturally would be the attacker and challenge Mercury’s thinking, communication, and even philosophies.

Stay tuned for the next issue when we examine more deeply some of the personal sides of their relationship.

We’ll see whether her actions will bring her the satisfaction and contentment that she so desperately seeks.

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