Dec 272011

The last blog showed how the remarkable genius in Steve Jobs was predicted from his natal Mercury midpoints. Now we’ll take this a step further.

Genius is rare but even rarer is the talent and vision to expand that genius into everyday living. Steve did this with amazing ease, developing one device after another: the iPod, iPhone, and iPad appealed to people on every continent throughout the world.

Steve’s natal chart doesn’t provide many clues about how to expand his vision. His Venus is opposed Jupiter but the Sun doesn’t aspect either of them.

Steve Jobs Natal Chart
Steve Jobs Astrology Midpoints
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Traditional astrology would tell us that a Venus Jupiter opposition tends toward excessive indulgence or pleasure-seeking. The person may find it difficult to become motivated and struggle against inertia even in simple activities of daily living.

The encouraging interpretation describes a sociable person who expresses harmony with others compared to one who engages conflict and turmoil. These astrological readings give partial insights into the personality and character of Steve Jobs but the Cosmobiology midpoints reveal much more.

Turning to the 90-degree Cosmobiology wheel, we notice that his Sun midpoints the Jupiter /Venus combination with a very close orb. Now observe how this interpretation enhances the total view of Mr. Jobs.


Steve Jobs Midpoints — Cosmobiology Chart
Steve Jobs Astrology Midpoints
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The Sun represents self-expression, Jupiter opportunity, and Venus creativity — the explanation speaks for itself.

Venus/Jupiter represents an expansion or burst of creativity and love, and this is channeled through the Sun or self. The person is represented or known by others for their creative spirit. However, the ineffective result of the configuration is similar to the astrological opposition, that is, self-indulgence, negativity, and extravagance.

This midpoint allowed Mr. Jobs to put his unique ideas in place on a huge scale and his creative development culminated in a tremendous final achievement.

Shortly before his death, the company he co-founded — Apple computer, was worth more than any other firm, eclipsing Microsoft and even Exxon-Mobil and other giant oil conglomerates, on as Steve used to say ‘planet earth.’

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

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Jun 242011

We continue exploring Prince William’s astrology midpoints (Cosmobiology) and focusing on his Sun and Moon midpoints in the 90-degree wheel. This combo gives us clues to his early relationship with his parents.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Prince Will Midpoint
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The Sun represents his father, Prince Charles, and midpoints Moon-Neptune. The Moon-Neptune midpoint interpretation might be favorable such as having a sympathetic and understanding father. However, a less effective manifestation is a father who is chronically dissatisfied — a faultfinder — who creates chaos in the environment.

It’s no secret that both of Will’s parents faced difficult and turbulent times during their marriage. Accusations of Prince Charles coldness and love affairs constantly filled the news. After just a few years of union, when Prince Will was only fourteen years old, a court legally granted his parents a divorce.

Like the earlier midpoint, Princes Will’s Moon midpoint to Saturn/Neptune may be interpreted in a favorable or unfavorable light.

Prince Will Midpoint Moon Saturn-Neptune
Prince Will Midpoint
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An effective Saturn/Neptune shows traits of practicality and shrewdness with flashes of inspiration. The ineffective result often reveals anxiety or depression and an overall moodiness.
Princess Diana certainly was inspirational and touched the lives of millions of admirers through her charities and other acts of kindness. However, claims of moodiness also persisted throughout her life.

Both of these Sun-Moon midpoints reflecting parental influence and direction, had a persistent effect on development during Prince Will’s formative years.

Coming next, the tragic midpoint of the Moon in Prince William’s 90-degree Cosmobiology chart.

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