Aug 282011

Tragedy struck Prince William with his mother’s death and tragedy left him with the passing years and the discovery of love. Little did he realize that his future wife was born a Capricorn, six months his senior on Jan 9 1982 at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

Perhaps it was her fashionable black dress that found his gaze, but what did the planets between Catherine Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William conspire to create? Let’s look at the royal romance from their midpoint astrology synastry aspects.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton – Synastry
Prince William Kate Middleton Midpoint Astrology Synastry
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While the exact time of Kate’s birth is not known, we’ll focus on the slower moving, more potent planets. For this reason, her moon and Ascendant are not shown.

The most striking synastry midpoint is Kate’s Mercury-Jupiter-Venus that midpoints Will’s Mars-Uranus and his Venus-Saturn. This is a complicated set of midpoints so let’s take this one by one.

Her Mercury on his Mars-Uranus will bring logic to his (Mars) energy and sharpen his (Uranus) uniqueness. Next Jupiter midpoints the same two planets and expands his energy by creating teamwork or deepening a philosophy that is well suited to the expectations of royalty. The ineffective use of this midpoint is arrogance and intolerance. Last, Venus on his Mars-Uranus brings love, creativity and refinement to his energy and development.

The same combo to his Venus-Saturn a midpoint representing enduring love and disciplined creativity has a different result. Mercury brings a thinking approach to love and creativity while Jupiter bestows patience, duty, and philosophy to the union.

This is a very pleasant mix of aspects that should create a harmonious but lively marriage. A deeper philosophic connection with Jupiter is also a key that supports this foundation. We’ll know in time.

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Jul 142011

Calamity fell young fifteen-year-old Prince William on August 31, 1997 when his mother, Princess Diana, died in a fiery automobile accident. The entire world grieved at the loss.
Was there a hint or foreshadowing of this terrible event in a midpoint astrology aspect?

Please note though that there is no such thing as a death aspect or death midpoint. Each astrological configuration, direction, or progression is interpretated according to that unique individual’s chart. There are usually many possibilities some favorable and some harmful. The final outcome is never pre-determined.

Let’s look again at Prince Will’s natal chart for midpoints to his moon. We see his Moon midpoints Sun Mars. The Sun represents self-expression and Mars shows energy. A Sun Mars person is described as energetic with strong ambitions and determination or when seen ineffectively, a stubborn belligerent and obstinate person.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Prince William Midpoints
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Moon represents his mother and emotionalism. One interpretation is a strong willed emotional person and more strikingly — prone to violent upsets.

Fast forward to Princess Diana’s chart during that fatal August month.

We see a couple of very important transits. The first is Pluto square Mars, which entered on June 16th and wasn’t slated to leave until October.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Princess Diana Midpoint Astrology
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Pluto represents intensity and Mars energy. This might mean a time of intense work and productivity, or sadly a time of serious mishaps and accidents.

Similarly, transiting Neptune was conjunct her natal Saturn with an exact placement that same month. Neptune represents idealism and inspiration but also deceit and betrayal. Saturn stands for discipline and stabilization and when ineffective, separation and oppression.

Was there treachery in Princess Diana’s life during this time? A situation of Neptune deception that undermined her Saturn discipline might account for the tragic death.

Many questions about the cataclysmic event were raised and later a full investigation revealed that the driver was dangerously intoxicated with alcohol — a fatal Neptune undermining action that carelessly took the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. .

In a few years Prince Will’s sorrow would turn to joy as he found support and friendship that culminated in marriage. Discover more in the next blog.

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