Dec 272011

The last blog showed how the remarkable genius in Steve Jobs was predicted from his natal Mercury midpoints. Now we’ll take this a step further.

Genius is rare but even rarer is the talent and vision to expand that genius into everyday living. Steve did this with amazing ease, developing one device after another: the iPod, iPhone, and iPad appealed to people on every continent throughout the world.

Steve’s natal chart doesn’t provide many clues about how to expand his vision. His Venus is opposed Jupiter but the Sun doesn’t aspect either of them.

Steve Jobs Natal Chart
Steve Jobs Astrology Midpoints
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Traditional astrology would tell us that a Venus Jupiter opposition tends toward excessive indulgence or pleasure-seeking. The person may find it difficult to become motivated and struggle against inertia even in simple activities of daily living.

The encouraging interpretation describes a sociable person who expresses harmony with others compared to one who engages conflict and turmoil. These astrological readings give partial insights into the personality and character of Steve Jobs but the Cosmobiology midpoints reveal much more.

Turning to the 90-degree Cosmobiology wheel, we notice that his Sun midpoints the Jupiter /Venus combination with a very close orb. Now observe how this interpretation enhances the total view of Mr. Jobs.


Steve Jobs Midpoints — Cosmobiology Chart
Steve Jobs Astrology Midpoints
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The Sun represents self-expression, Jupiter opportunity, and Venus creativity — the explanation speaks for itself.

Venus/Jupiter represents an expansion or burst of creativity and love, and this is channeled through the Sun or self. The person is represented or known by others for their creative spirit. However, the ineffective result of the configuration is similar to the astrological opposition, that is, self-indulgence, negativity, and extravagance.

This midpoint allowed Mr. Jobs to put his unique ideas in place on a huge scale and his creative development culminated in a tremendous final achievement.

Shortly before his death, the company he co-founded — Apple computer, was worth more than any other firm, eclipsing Microsoft and even Exxon-Mobil and other giant oil conglomerates, on as Steve used to say ‘planet earth.’

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

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Nov 232011

Steve Jobs: Visionary, artist, genius, dreamer, designer, and many more laudatory descriptions followed in his lengthy obituary. Here was a man who in the space of a little more than a decade transformed the way an entire generation communicates with one another.

He did this by creating gorgeous products, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad among others, that exuded a feeling of elegance and ease. Steve had a sense of what people wanted, the technical know how to create it, and the remarkable talent to transform it into an artform.

Let’s examine his astrological foundations and see if we can get a glimpse into his brilliance.

Steve Jobs Natal Midpoints
Steve Jobs Midpoint Astrology
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We don’t know his time of birth and so the moon, Asc, and MC are not shown, but the date and place are certain – February 24th 1955 in San Francisco.

The first striking midpoint is Mercury to Sun-Uranus. Mercury represents the mind and communication while Sun-Uranus stands for leadership and a progressive person.

This combo reflects a fast versatile thinker who surpasses his peers. A person given to sudden flashes of insight and reasoning — in short, a genius.

A genius looks at the world differently than everyone else, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Innovation is a cornerstone of Apple and Steve helped take that philosophy to a new level when he returned as CEO in the late 1990’s.

Genius has its drawbacks though in the form of eccentric thinking. He loved keeping things simple such as dressing everyday in a black turtleneck shirt. At one time, he suggested all Apple employees wear a standard identical uniform. This idea was quickly criticized and never developed.

A harmful aspect of genius occurred when he first faced a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Instead of seeking traditional care, he tried homeopathic remedies and potions that he found on the internet. This unfortunately allowed his cancer to progress for several months before he gave in and accepted usual care at established medical institutions.

Genius ability alone does not create global innovation. We’ll see what midpoints helped him expand his abilities and influence the lives of millions — in the next blog.

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Oct 072011

Jupiter and Pluto. Few transits evoke a more meaningful reaction than this combination. The path of one’s life may turn abruptly and forever be changed.

Jupiter, the planet of wild expansion and outrageous abundance ignites the destiny creating Pluto of transformations. The result: a shocking new realization or opportunity for good fortune. This good fortune is not a fleeting event that quickly fades and is forgotten in the day, but a profound alteration that accelerates one’s growth — a release from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Brad Pitt first experienced a Jupiter Pluto in 2004 when he began filming on the set of a comedic thriller called ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ Her name was Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter 2004 in the 90 degree wheel
Brad Pitt Transits
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What started as a Jupiter Pluto transit in early 2004 was coupled with an equally potent Jupiter Uranus transit as the filming finished.
Uranus, the planet of sudden development, furthered the fortunate changes that Jupiter Pluto had begun.

Their synastry would lead Brad to divorce his wife of five years and begin life over with a new family. Six children later Brad and Angelia are united more than ever.

Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter Dates
Brad Pitt Transiting Jupiter

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Sep 222011

A happily married man abruptly leaves his wife of five years for a woman he briefly met at work. He is quickly divorced and begins a new relationship. What happened?

Marriage is so fragile these days that you might dismiss this as a passing fling for a man just entering his forties. But six years later, he is now the proud father of six children and warmly fulfilled with his new partner.

While the tabloids may sporadically spread rumors of disenchantment between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the astrological planets tell a much different story. Brad and Angelina share 23 synastry midpoints between their charts while he only had 18 synastry midpoints in common with Jennifer Aniston. Sheer numbers are important, but the nature of their many midpoint connections tells us even more.

Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie: Moon Midpoints
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Angelina said in a recent interview that she sensed a profound emotional bond with Brad after they initially met. She didn’t have to say anything; their astrological midpoints reveal a sincere union.

The moon is the planet of emotions and deep attachments; Brad has an amazing ten Moon midpoints (and Venus since his Moon conjuncts Venus in his Cosmobiology and natal charts) to Angelina’s planets while she has five to his. Interestingly, he shares only five Moon-Venus synastry aspects with Aniston while she has none with him.

Let’s look at some of his vital Moon-Venus midpoints and read the interpretations below. You can see that Brad’s Moon-Venus combo brings much love, harmony, and balance to Angelina’s life. No one knows how long this union will last but these aspects offer a lasting opportunity.

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Moon-Venus —— Venus/Saturn
Moon-Venus —— Jupiter/Saturn
Moon-Venus —— Jupiter/Uranus
Moon-Venus —— Saturn/Uranus

Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie: Synastry Aspects
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Readings from Midpoint Synastry Simplified:
Another’s MOON on your VENUS
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Venus harmonizes and balances your love nature or creative nature
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Venus emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your love nature or creative nature
Another’s MOON on your JUPITER
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Jupiter harmonizes or gives balance to your expansion and to your opportunities Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Jupiter emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your expansion and your opportunities
Another’s VENUS on your JUPITER
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Jupiter brings love, creativity, and refinement to your expansion
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Jupiter dissipates or wastes your expansion and your opportunities
Another’s MOON on your SATURN
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Saturn harmonizes or gives balance to your discipline
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Saturn emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your discipline
Another’s VENUS on your SATURN
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Saturn brings love, creativity, and refinement to your discipline
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Saturn dissipates or wastes your discipline
Another’s MOON on your URANUS
Effective: Another’s Moon on your Uranus harmonizes your development
Ineffective: Another’s Moon on your Uranus emotionalizes or upsets and agitates your development
Another’s VENUS on your URANUS
Effective: Another’s Venus on your Uranus brings love, creativity, and refinement to your development
Ineffective: Another’s Venus on your Uranus dissipates or wastes your development

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Sep 142011

Two Presidents distanced by nearly 150 years through three centuries, share striking similarities both in their personal history and in their astrological midpoints.
Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated the nation’s 16th president in 1860 while Barack Obama was sworn in to the nation’s highest office as the 44th president in 2008.

President Abraham Lincoln’s Chart (90 degree wheel)
Abraham Lincoln Natal Chart
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President Barack Obama’s Chart (90 degree wheel)
Barack Obama natal chart
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Both men were born of common means and made their way to the state of Illinois where they were elected to a single term in Congress before assuming the Presidency. They shared a love of words, strong powerful words that helped shape a nation in turmoil.

President Lincoln faced the ‘war of the states,’ while President Obama found a nation also deeply divided and in the greatest economic danger since the great depression.
Let’s look at key midpoints to their Mercury — revealing insights into each man’s thinking and communication skills.President Lincoln’s Mercury directly opposes Mars when seen in the 90 degree Cosmobiology wheel. His Mercury also intersects a Neptune-Pluto midpoint.

President Abraham Lincoln’s Chart (90 degree wheel)
Abraham Lincoln Midpoints
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Mercury-Mars suggests a debater and this is especially striking considering the historical importance of the famous Lincoln-Douglass debates before the Civil War. Mars is also the planet of war and strife; combining this with Mercury and you will find a military strategist, a trait well-suited for commanding Northern states in the US Civil War. Similarly, Neptune-Pluto suggests great mental strength and a powerful understanding – this is emphasized when contacting Mercury. President Lincoln was a highly intellectual person renowned for his deep thinking.

Turning to President Obama whose Mercury is in Leo in his traditional astrology chart at 2′ 19" and Jupiter in Aquarius at 0′ 51", These are both fixed signs and fall in the same place on the 90 degree wheel forming a strong conjunction.

President Barack Obama’s Chart (90 degree wheel)
Barack Obama Midpoints
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Mercury-Jupiter suggests a rational, calm, philisophic thinker. Many times this contact is found in attorneys, writers, and teachers. Jupiter’s expansion on Mercury is found early in President Obama’s career when he was elected Presidnet of the Harvard Law Review. This is a highly prestigious honor only afforded the brightest and best attorneys who graduate from Harvard.

Later, when elected President of the United States, the Jupiter expansion on his thinking is seen with his historic health care program that covers every citizen. He also faced an economic downturn second only to the Great Depression. Big thinking was required to keep the country afloat during this difficult time.

This Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is midpoint Saturn-Neptune. This provides endurance through Saturn as seen by the President’s follow through on the vision for the country and a philosophical humanitarian quality that describes his character.

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Aug 282011

Tragedy struck Prince William with his mother’s death and tragedy left him with the passing years and the discovery of love. Little did he realize that his future wife was born a Capricorn, six months his senior on Jan 9 1982 at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

Perhaps it was her fashionable black dress that found his gaze, but what did the planets between Catherine Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William conspire to create? Let’s look at the royal romance from their midpoint astrology synastry aspects.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton – Synastry
Prince William Kate Middleton Midpoint Astrology Synastry
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While the exact time of Kate’s birth is not known, we’ll focus on the slower moving, more potent planets. For this reason, her moon and Ascendant are not shown.

The most striking synastry midpoint is Kate’s Mercury-Jupiter-Venus that midpoints Will’s Mars-Uranus and his Venus-Saturn. This is a complicated set of midpoints so let’s take this one by one.

Her Mercury on his Mars-Uranus will bring logic to his (Mars) energy and sharpen his (Uranus) uniqueness. Next Jupiter midpoints the same two planets and expands his energy by creating teamwork or deepening a philosophy that is well suited to the expectations of royalty. The ineffective use of this midpoint is arrogance and intolerance. Last, Venus on his Mars-Uranus brings love, creativity and refinement to his energy and development.

The same combo to his Venus-Saturn a midpoint representing enduring love and disciplined creativity has a different result. Mercury brings a thinking approach to love and creativity while Jupiter bestows patience, duty, and philosophy to the union.

This is a very pleasant mix of aspects that should create a harmonious but lively marriage. A deeper philosophic connection with Jupiter is also a key that supports this foundation. We’ll know in time.

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Jul 142011

Calamity fell young fifteen-year-old Prince William on August 31, 1997 when his mother, Princess Diana, died in a fiery automobile accident. The entire world grieved at the loss.
Was there a hint or foreshadowing of this terrible event in a midpoint astrology aspect?

Please note though that there is no such thing as a death aspect or death midpoint. Each astrological configuration, direction, or progression is interpretated according to that unique individual’s chart. There are usually many possibilities some favorable and some harmful. The final outcome is never pre-determined.

Let’s look again at Prince Will’s natal chart for midpoints to his moon. We see his Moon midpoints Sun Mars. The Sun represents self-expression and Mars shows energy. A Sun Mars person is described as energetic with strong ambitions and determination or when seen ineffectively, a stubborn belligerent and obstinate person.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Prince William Midpoints
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Moon represents his mother and emotionalism. One interpretation is a strong willed emotional person and more strikingly — prone to violent upsets.

Fast forward to Princess Diana’s chart during that fatal August month.

We see a couple of very important transits. The first is Pluto square Mars, which entered on June 16th and wasn’t slated to leave until October.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Princess Diana Midpoint Astrology
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Pluto represents intensity and Mars energy. This might mean a time of intense work and productivity, or sadly a time of serious mishaps and accidents.

Similarly, transiting Neptune was conjunct her natal Saturn with an exact placement that same month. Neptune represents idealism and inspiration but also deceit and betrayal. Saturn stands for discipline and stabilization and when ineffective, separation and oppression.

Was there treachery in Princess Diana’s life during this time? A situation of Neptune deception that undermined her Saturn discipline might account for the tragic death.

Many questions about the cataclysmic event were raised and later a full investigation revealed that the driver was dangerously intoxicated with alcohol — a fatal Neptune undermining action that carelessly took the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. .

In a few years Prince Will’s sorrow would turn to joy as he found support and friendship that culminated in marriage. Discover more in the next blog.

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Jun 242011

We continue exploring Prince William’s astrology midpoints (Cosmobiology) and focusing on his Sun and Moon midpoints in the 90-degree wheel. This combo gives us clues to his early relationship with his parents.

Prince Will Midpoint Sun Moon-Neptune
Prince Will Midpoint
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The Sun represents his father, Prince Charles, and midpoints Moon-Neptune. The Moon-Neptune midpoint interpretation might be favorable such as having a sympathetic and understanding father. However, a less effective manifestation is a father who is chronically dissatisfied — a faultfinder — who creates chaos in the environment.

It’s no secret that both of Will’s parents faced difficult and turbulent times during their marriage. Accusations of Prince Charles coldness and love affairs constantly filled the news. After just a few years of union, when Prince Will was only fourteen years old, a court legally granted his parents a divorce.

Like the earlier midpoint, Princes Will’s Moon midpoint to Saturn/Neptune may be interpreted in a favorable or unfavorable light.

Prince Will Midpoint Moon Saturn-Neptune
Prince Will Midpoint
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An effective Saturn/Neptune shows traits of practicality and shrewdness with flashes of inspiration. The ineffective result often reveals anxiety or depression and an overall moodiness.
Princess Diana certainly was inspirational and touched the lives of millions of admirers through her charities and other acts of kindness. However, claims of moodiness also persisted throughout her life.

Both of these Sun-Moon midpoints reflecting parental influence and direction, had a persistent effect on development during Prince Will’s formative years.

Coming next, the tragic midpoint of the Moon in Prince William’s 90-degree Cosmobiology chart.

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Jun 112011

This next series of blogs look at the exciting midpoint aspects of 23 year-old Prince William, Duke of Cambridge – the man closest in line of succession to becoming the King of England.

Despite his noble lineage, Prince William’s entire life was affected in the same way as everyone else — through his very first relationship, the one shared with his parents.

This parent-child relationship is a fundamental union that set into motion his personal and unique life pattern.

Every stellar body (planet) in his chart and all following midpoints and aspects, were activated through this beginning connection. Fortunately, both the Prince’s birth date and his birth time are easily found in public records on the internet. June 21, 1982 21:03 at Paddington England. The birth time will allow us to calculate his ascendant, house system and an accurate Moon position in both his 360 degree horoscope and 90 degree chart.

Let’s look first at Prince William’s Sun and Moon placements. Astrology reminds us that the Sun tells how his parents developed his basic character while the Moon shows their influence on his emotional experiences. Cosmobiology (Midpoint Astrology) will reveal key midpoints to these two planets.

Prince Will Natal Chart
Prince Will
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His Sun is in Cancer at 00′ 06" while his moon dwells also in Cancer at 04′ 57". This is a wide orb Sun/Moon conjunction in traditional astrology and when using a 90 degree charts, it midpoints slightly different planets.

One planet that contacts his Sun is Jupiter which is in Scorpio at 00" 29′ and Uranus in Sagittarius at 01" 29′. Jupiter represents opportunity, expansion, and growth, while Uranus represents sudden development.

A midpoint with Sun – Jupiter/Uranus shows us that Will’s father, Prince Charles, will provide growth and opportunity in an environment of sudden development — an extreme understatement. Nearly all would agree that inheriting the kingship of England and her Commonwealth States from his father is an extraordinary example of sudden expansion.

Prince Will Sun Midpoint Jupiter Uranus

Prince Will
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Another midpoint involves the Ascendant to Will’s Sun and Neptune. Sun Neptune midpoint describes an idealistic person who is kind and caring or in the contrary, a confused person who is irresponsible. When his Ascendant midpoints this combo, the result is an outlook or way of thinking about the world that similarly is either idealistic or confused. The Sun, representing the father would heavily influence the Prince’s environment.

Prince Will Midpoint Ascendant Sun Neptune
Prince Will
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What do the Moon midpoints tell us about Will’s mother, Princess Diana’s influence? Jupiter is also the planet for harmony, social, and relationships while Mercury represents the mind and communication. Let’s look at his Moon – Mercury/Jupiter midpoint further.

Prince Will Midpoint Moon Jupiter Mercury

Prince Will
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Princess Diana attentively saw that her son’s development included a broad range of stimulating activities. She involved herself in many Jupiter charitable projects and served as an excellent role model highlighting the worldwide need to help those who cannot help themselves. She was Mercury quick witted and showed great mental affection for Will. They had a happy and harmonious relationship.

Read more to see what the midpoints reveal about Prince Will’s turbulent childhood.

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May 012011

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Last newsletter we met an ambitious Capricorn striving woman who was searching for love in a similar Capricorn successful businessman. She had been through a string of failed relationships and thought that she had found ‘the one.’

They had a strong Mercury Mars midpoint interchange and this led to a turbulent relationship. High energy and communication led to a high-pitched exchange of ideas but more often than not led to great attacking arguments.

Now let’s look the influence of Saturn. As you know from astrology, Saturn is the planet of discipline. This regularly leads to inhibition, restriction, and limiting that may affect the ego or person’s sense of self. Some Saturn influenced people are very cold and selfish, seeking only people to use for their aspirations.

His Saturn was in Libra and since Saturn also represents stability, this could be balanced with an even temperament and disposition or manifest as a depressed or cynical personality.

Let’s look closer and see what the midpoints reveal.

Midpoint Astrology and Cosmobiology
Synastry Blog
llustration Modified from: Midpoint Synastry Simplified, 2nd Edition by Aren Ober, Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved

When comparing the midpoints in his chart to her’s, Saturn hits a number of key planets including Moon, Venus, Saturn and M.C.

His Saturn on her Moon had the potential to discipline or stabilize her emotions or inhibit and oppress them. Similarly, his Saturn on her Venus would bring a certain rigor and restraint to their love life or quash and nullify her love expression.

His Saturn on her Saturn would appear to bring another with the same disciplined make-up and acceptance of responsibility but if ineffective, would cause her to deal with a, difficult, inhibited, oppressive make-up.

Last, his Saturn on her M.C. had the potential to strengthen effectively her career and life goals versus inhibiting or oppressing them.

So what was the result in their love life?

He contracted a terminal illness and offered her a marriage. However, he made it clear that the marriage was strictly a business deal and there was absolutely no love or sentiment involved. He needed someone to see him through to the end and that was it.

Saturn is discipline, duty, and growth and these midpoints offered a very reality oriented though somewhat gloomy relationship.

She was utterly devastated, decided not marry him and continued searching for love.


Material excerpted and modified from Midpoint Synastry Simplified, 2nd edition, by Aren Ober Copyright © 2009 Aren Ober All Rights Reserved