Midpoint Astrology and Cosmobiology

Uncover past, present and future insights about yourself and others through the midpoint astrology also known as cosmobiology.

These best selling midpoint Cosmobiology books, previously published, have been newly revised with detailed illustrations and enriched case studies, and are now available in a modern Ebook format.

Learn how this exciting new field, Cosmobiology, builds on traditional astrology by calculating the point halfway between two planets -- a midpoint -- that reveals potent information.


Once you understand how the aspects in your own chart influence events in your life, you will discover the 'real you.' Next, compare your chart to another's chart.


Midpoint Synastry Simplified is the unique study of relationships. It is the potent scientific comparison of the action and reaction of the energies of two people have upon each other.

This extraordinary scientific comparison is undertaken using the science of cosmobiology.

You will find analyzing your relationships exciting and revealing. Understanding the effects of how the planetary influences from another’s chart affect yours, will give you the freedom and clarity to act with confidence and decisiveness.

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified